Voice Server

Voice server is a voice processing platform. It is an ideal platform for enabling various types of voice applications such as:

-       Media Gateway

-       Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

-          Voice Messaging

-          Audio Conference

-          Fax Messaging

Voice server provides abstract and generic voice processing functions such as switching, play/ record, DTMF detection, conference and fax send/receive. The abstract functions allow application to be developed without dependency on types of voice transmission media, hardware and operating system. It also enables seamless migration of an application from one telecom network type (e.g. TDM) to another (e.g. VoIP).

Voice server has various port densities to meet the demand from both enterprise and telecom applications. It is a scalable platform that can support from 4 channels to 2048 channels per server.

Network Interfaces supported:

- Digital E1/T1

- VoIP

- Analogue

Operating System supported:

                - Linux

                - Solaris

                - Windows

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