SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is a platform that does SMS exchange and routing between SMSCs and mobile networks, irregardless of their messaging technology and protocols. It also has an application interface providing a generic and abstract messaging interface for user applications to inter-work with the mobile networks and SMS Centers (SMSC). It allows the user application to focus on the service logic without the need to understand various SMS messaging protocols such as SS7/MAP, SMPP, CIMD, UCP and proprietary HTTP/XML implementation. The gateway is suitable for both enterprise and network applications.


-       Application Gateway

-       GSM/CDMA SMSC Inter-working Gateway

-       SMSC Inter-working Gateway

-       SMS Broadcast

-       SMS Voting

-       Enterprise SMS Applications

-       SMS Aggregation


-       Routing To Applications By Sender/Receiver Address

-       Routing To Networks By Sender/Receiver Address

-       Serial, SMPP, CIMD-2, UCP, SS7/MAP and HTTP/XML Protocol

-       Self-Recovery

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