Callback System

Callback system is a feature-rich and scalable system providing callback service for the mobile and fixed-line telephone user. Callback service is a call-connecting service where the user makes a call by sending a SMS/USSD/Web message with the called party number and wait for the system to call him back and connect him to the called party. User of callback service has call terminating at him instead of call originating from him. It enables cost saving for both the user and the service provider by leverage on the lower cost in receiving a call as compare to making a call directly from the telephone.


-       Prepaid International Roaming

-       Postpaid International Roaming

-       Mobile Local Callback

-       Customer Service Center


-       Call, SMS, USSD and Web Callback Initiation

-       Prepaid and Postpaid Charging Mechanism

-       Analog, ISDN, SS7/C7, SigTran, SIP, H.323 Telecom Signaling Protocol

-       Support both TDM and VoIP Networks

-       Call Detail Record and Traffic Reports

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