Audio Conference System

Audio Conference System is a quick time-to-market and scalable conferencing system for network operators, service providers and enterprises. It adapts advanced call-out mechanism in inviting members into a conference, which shorten the time in starting the conference and reduces operating cost with low terminating call charges. It has a web-based Conference Control Panel for the conference chairman to do floor control and view the status of the conference members with just clicks on the mouse.


-       Business Conference

-       Conference Bridges

-       Chat Line Service

-       Customer Service Center


-       Support Schedule and On-demand Conferences

-       Conference Recording, Coaching, DTMF Clamping, Echo Cancellation, Mute/Unmute

-       SMS Notification and Automatic Dialing.

-       Web-based Conference Control Panel

-       Analog, ISDN, SS7/C7, SigTran, SIP, H.323 Telecom Signaling Protocol

-       Support both TDM and VoIP Networks

-       Prepaid and Postpaid Charging Mechanism

-       Call Detail Record and Traffic Reports

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