Business Models

WSI Laboratory understands customers wish to maximize the returns, minimize the investment and lower the risk for any service that they want to offer to their users. Hence it offers different business models to supply its solutions to the customer, aims to address individual needs and considerations.

  •  Turnkey Solution

  • Managed Service

  • Joint Venture Model

  • Outsourcing Model

For each service, WSI Laboratory allows customer to select the model that they think best fit their requirement. Customer also has the flexibility, under an agreement, to change from one business model to another model at any time.

Turnkey Solution

You have an excellent business case for a new, low risk service and would like to own and run the service yourself. This model allows you to earn the service revenue wholly and maximizes the returns from the service with a single, justifiable investment. WSI Laboratory supplies you with the solution and you take full ownership of the service node after the service commissioning, with optional secondary support from us.

Managed Service

Your service idea has made its justification for the investment. You want the ownership of the invested system but do not wish to maintain and operate the system due to resource constraint or cost consideration. This model is what you need. After WSI Laboratory supplied the solution to you, it manages and looks after the service node as well. You can sit back and enjoy the revenue stream without worries on the system stability and service availability.

Joint Venture Model

You have an innovative service idea but not too sure about the market reception? You are unable to justify for the investment needed for a turnkey solution? JV model helps you execute a high-risk or unexplored service with zero or small justifiable investment. WSI Laboratory removes your barrier of justifying the investment by leasing the solution to you at zero or small cost and asking for a part of service revenue in return.

This model helps you lower your investment cost and risk significantly. You shall be able to realize many services and achieve positive Return Of Investment (ROI), even with low subscriber base.

Outsourcing Model

If you are looking at developing a customized or proprietary solution but have limited expertise or resource to do so, you can leverage on WSI Laboratory to achieve your objective. You can outsource the product design and product development, partially or wholly to WSI Laboratory.  WSI Laboratory shall develop the product based on your requirements and specifications. After which you own the developed product as your Intellectual Property (IP).

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